Anbody know where one might start looking for these powerful shotguns?

So I came across this article today and was wondering if anybody knows where to start looking, all im finding is fable tortoise shields.


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Everywhere.  All enemies have been given an increase in rarity level shotgun drops.  There are no NEW special shotguns.  They have just made it easier to get better quality shotguns today.  Theory is they will choose a different weapon type and boost it until the DLC drops.  

O ok thanks

from what ive been seeing it doesnt effect oranges or thier drops.but i have been seeing more high multi pellet blues purps and etechs.splatguns are shite,but a few 15-19 pellet purps looked nteresting for after yhe patch.

im starting to think that drops are tied to jobs somehow,my friend gets infinity guns of all types yet ive killed the 2 guys over 1k times and have not seen one myself.

ive also seen a few more etech snipes,and some more purps with extra high dmg.moreso that actually picking up a purp here and there off pete,not just scoping out oranges.

out of 100 kills of pete and the warrior ive gotten the usual 3/10 on pete and perhaps 1.5 from the warrior today.(farming the vault was better than the warrior).

i was thinking,nobodys been asking:

how exacally is gearbox doing something to change the drop ratio of shotguns today and snipes tommorrow etc?from what i read it has something to do with shift can effect what type of guns we get on certain days?what color the guns are or what type of mob spawn or if it spawns (vermiverious on mon/tues)?

have they done this before?should i not farm on certain days or not play offline?see now i have all kinds of questions nobodys asking they messing with my game somehow?

They can alter the drop rates through server side changes.  If you are connected to the internet when you start the game, it checks the server for updates.  Then it downloads them.  That's what I got from reading the forums.  

@Dahabs1, All drops are random. They have altered them this past weekend for special events (today is Verimorphous and the Norfleet increase). But other than that it's just luck really. Doc Mercy (infinity pistol) and The Warrior both have some of those worse stop rates in the game so there's no surprise you are not finding any luck. If you want to farm The Warrior I recommend you do that on a 2nd playthrough when he drops a legendary 7/10 times AKA Moonshot farming.

lol tnks for the advice.i dont like farming the warrior,he likes to give me flakkers and volcanos.i had a banner day yesterday,completed all my a few i didnt know abouts.i.e i finally got a lvl 50 bone cruncher a useable skullsmasher,1 of each norfleet,and the didnt know about called the cobra.

now for today vermys got some heads,thats my goal.

whatever gearbox did or can do i can tell the diffrence,out of 50 warrior kills yesterday i only had 1 item underneath his body,and it wasnt a they fixed that problem.pete was a pile o poop so mayb theyre trying to move us away from farming pete exclusivly.whatever sounds good to me,change is back to the hunt :0 only luck is bad.

0/1027 doc mercy(infinity)

1/1175 bunk3r(sham)

a friend of mine gets these all the time from pyro pete.ive even seen them on the floor myself,yet its almost as if its not ment to be.and ya i have them but i prefer my own still bloody from the kill.unless of course its worse,in that case i toss it and move on...

Yes I LOVE Pete, he treats me right. I can't even count how many Legendaries I have from him. That's the only person I bother farming. For one, he drops oranges and two, he is a fun kill to me.