Anatomically *correct* damage hit boxes idea?


I would like to see accuracy to be more apart of the game again, and i think this would be a good *idea*


Just an example, low damage recieved below the knee, low-med from waist to knee. med damage from mid torso to waist, high damage from mid torso up.


Just this in itself would improve gun battles greatly, giving an advantage to the player who is really aiming against the * **** an enemy! spray left spray right repeat until he is dead*


the amount of times ive come into a CQC gun battle and had the drop on another user of the same weapon ect, go into ADS first , great aim from the get go get a hitmarker *thinking* this guy is going down, then bam bam bam im dead?


I watch the kill cam to see him firing from the hip with no actual intent of really trying to aim * even with hip fire aim, just a spray to the left and right and he hits me with some of them bullets..... BUT!!!! because im in ADS i get a kick back from the damage and inturn fire slight over his head for a quick split second, get another hit marker (but then so does he) but without the disadvantage of the kick back and in turn i am dead.


was i killed by a better player? hell no the guy was horrible, but he wins the gun fight because of this rule.


this is by no means the only example, what do you people think? would it improve gunbattles? would it add abit more skill?


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Eh, I'm not sure about that...

Hipfire CQC. I believe there are multipliers for different parts of the body when taking damages and just because some hitboxes are manipulated, that wouldnt stop hipfire strafing in CQC. Sounds like some minute lag unfortunately.