Analogue Grip

I feel as though I need a new Xbox controller because the analogue sticks feel a bit worn out. I've only had this controller since May as well. Whats the best way of getting that grip back. Anyone use those analougue grips? Are they worth it? Or would I be better of buying a new controller :/


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The analogue grips aren't too bad. I had a couple free with a magazine, but they have seem to worn away rather quickly.

You are better off just buying a new controller.  Aftermarket parts/accessories that are NOT Microsoft branded tend to be made with very poor quality.

Have a look at those.  "Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers"

I have a set, they're not bad.  It's a set of 4, two blue and two black.  They're pretty cheap too.  There's no adhesive or anything on them, it's just a rubber cover for the sticks.