An In-Game Issue?

Hello everyone.

Dunno if everyone noticed this, but this is an in-game issue for Elder Scrolls. I recently made a Dark Elf for the Ebonheart Pact. When you get to Bleakrock and grab the quest "Tracking The Game," it seems to be bugged. When you grab the critter meat from the deer and try to set it down, you can't. There's already a piece there. The Deathclaw doesn't spawn at all. There's no corpse when you head into the cave. Thinking this was maybe just a simple bug or whatever, something that had to do with me and this character, I deleted her and made a Nord character. When I made it to Bleakrock and grabbed the quest, same thing. A piece of critter meat is already there and once again, no Deathclaw, no corpses, and a bundle of people are just standing around, not sure what to do.

Are the devs working on it? Does anyone have any answers to possibly fix this glitch?


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