An in game glitch

This glitch occurred while on the Rocky Ridge Four Leaf Challenge. I was using Reiko. On the 2nd hole, Kiara hit the ball into the water, then the camera panned back about 6 times, and put her at 1,400+ yards from the hole, and not even on the course. She took a shot that was out of bounds (of course), then the game crashed to the title screen. It did not happen again.

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I went in the lava on the last course and did not get a drop.  Could not get out and had to restart the round.

The player Kyusuke recorded a clip of the glitch I am talking about. He called it "Bugged CPU". I was so shocked at what I saw, I forgot to tell my Xbox to record the clip.

I'm having the same problem. This only occurs if Kiara is shooting second on that hole. In order to avoid the glitch, you must either halve or lose the first hole. Extremely frustrating when trying to get the gold medal on this challenge.

Another way to solve the problem is to ask for a replay for Kiara's shot when it goes in the water. I had the same issue before and weirdly, triggering the replay makes the bug disappear.