An idea for a game based on The Sons Of Anarchy

i thought it would be a good idea if someone made a game based on the sons of anarchy tv show, the play could play a prospect trying to prove that they have what it takes to be a member of SOA, all of the usual characters would be in the game and you would have to build up relationships with them. the game could also have various different paths to choose and different endings. you could also customise your prospect, i.e choose the look, gender and race as well as what you wear, as well as being able to customise your bike in detail. the game would be open world free roam, and the missions you could choose from a list. there would also be booze and naked women in it, so the age rating would have to be 18+. I wonder if any game developers have thought of doing a biker gang open world free roam game.  it would be a 1000g game and it would be cool if there were avatar items to unlock


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Did you ever play GTA 4 'The Lost & the Dammed' DLC? Thats about as close as you are going to get.

I don't think it would be that good personally, but who knows?

yeah i played those but i found that it was lacking in the bike customiseation

Saints Row 2

Naw....Just let the show be the show.. No game needed

I agree with Deblain and Bunionz. Love the show, but don't think they could pull of a video game for it..

hmm it would be cool but it wouldn't work just like the prison break game

I thought about this allready.... but then i realized that i have the Lost and Damed DLC for GTA 4 and thats pretts close to sons of anarchy.

[quote user="Kobra VIRUS"]

yeah i played those but i found that it was lacking in the bike customiseation

[/quote]Yeah, they don't get in to that in Sons of Anarchy. They just ride.

saints row+GTA?