An honest review from a Vet.

I haven't come in here to brag or to bash, but I wanted to post my review on here for those who want to read. Warning, this review is opinionated.

I AM a Battlefield veteran and have been playing the Battlefield series ever since the demo of BF1942 came out. My roots with this franchise go way back and I have seen all of the progress and design choices being made from start to finish. While my PC gaming days have somewhat come to an end, I have this game on the Xbox 360.

Let's start off on the Beta for the 360. Yikes. I think all of you who played the beta were sweating a little bit before the game came out, with good reason. It was a mess. RIDDLED with glitches, poor hit detection and connective issues that prevented you from getting/staying in a game. Well let's all take a deep sigh of relief because all of this was glossed over.... For the most part.

At first when I sat down with BF3, I immediately went to the singleplayer. The singleplayer caught a lot of flak from reviewers for why, I am not sure. It was actually quite surprising and immersive compared to other Battlefield campaigns. Hell, BF1942's singleplayer was nothing more than a bot match on the Multiplayer maps. Am I saying it's covered with gold? No, it has it's linear issues and occasional hiccups, but for the most part, it's right on track with awesome sauce as the Bad Company games were. 

Not long after I had a good go with single, did I go to multiplayer. Ah yes, the multiplayer. What the Battlefield series has ALWAYS and FOREVER will be known for. It comes to a very large surprise that it simply does not hold up to it's predecessor. Bad Company 2 multiplayer was tasty, I mean it was very very good. This game is still plagued with glitches that were present in the Beta. Did a lot of it get fixed from the Beta? Sure.... But they're still there. I still notice them. So a patch that may or may never come to fix them will not earn any of these points back. Glitches I am talking about aside from lag: Vaulting over objects only the instantly appear back in front of them, going prone then instantly popping back up or into crouch, going prone and then clicking the sprint button whilst running from fire, only the instantly go BACK prone and receive many shots to the @@@.

Am I bashing the game just in the presence of glitches? No. We must also take in to account that the graphics are just simply disappointing.... Even with the "HD graphics" installed, they are NOT good!!!! Bad Company 2 graphics were finger-lickin... You could see the individual threads of enemy fatigues, you could see the dirt smudged on your teammates faces... You could interact with the map and feel as if you were truly there... Do you remember those epic tank battles across the mountain sides of Heavy Metal? The shells that impacted the ground would actually indent the ground creating craters that affect those who walk/drive through them. None of that exists in Battlefield 3. It just doesn't.

The "My Soldier" customization... A distater area. I mean, who okayed, morever CREATED, the layout that they put on the progression/stats/customization screen? It's God awful. The only way to see what guns you have unlocked or are you are about to unlock is the keep flipping to the right and left and seeing if it has a tiny little "lock" icon on it. Where the hell is the big gun graph that Bad Company 2 had? I'm not saying that that was the most perfect and elegant thing ever, but it sure as hell blows this out of the water. Why can't I check the progress I made with a particular gun? I can't check how many kills I've made with a specific gun? The only way I see any type of progress with a gun is to see how many attachable's I have available for it. Cool.

Frostbite 2.0? More like Frostbite 1.1; better yet: Frostbite .05. Where is the destruction for crying out loud? 9/10 rockets I shoot at walls do "NoThInG". Has anyone played Red Faction: Guerilla? THAT was destruction... THAT was a league above all else... This is a step backwards. It's almost embarrassing. Remember in Bad Company 2 when if you shot enough walls out of a building, it would collapse? Sigh, I miss those days. 

Battlefield 3 is a mess. Singleplayer is fine, but it really lacks it's heart. The claims DICE and EA has made about Frostbite 2.0 were nothing more than a scam. The graphics are not what they were from Bad Company 2. The playability is a step down. The whole game is a step down. It really hurts me.

Have fun PC users, because the Xbox360 version of this is a damn shame.

Bring on November 8th please.


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A simple yes or no, for a buy, would have been sufficent. Ill read it later, too much for now.

battlelog's website actually has all the gun info you've mentioned. also the only glitches I've noticed are the parachutes still randomly hanging out in air (only saw this once). there is destruction (had a building collapse on me) and in 4.5 hours of onlne play last night what lag?

An honest reply from someone else who has been with the franchise since BF1942; Your "review" lacks merit. The graphics are fine. I agree to an extent with the destruction, but it's still there. Remember how much destruction the Battlefield games had before Bad Company? None. Sure, it's nice to have and it does add more dynamics to the gameplay, but the game isn't completely devoid of destruction. As a vet of the series, this game feels more like the truest Battlefield game we've gotten since 2006. It's the old BF, with great additions from the BC series.

Ok Thanks for you views, I disagree.....

See, I think the graphics for BF3 are just as good as BC2. No better, no worse imo.


I do agree, the menus are a mess, but at least there are more options and filters for fine tuning your searches. No more being put on servers across the pond so that kinda makes up for it imo.


The only problem I have with the campaign so far is that it's a little glitchy.


I do agree about the destruction. I'm not a little disappointed, I'm a lot disappointed by the lack of it, but I'll get over it.


All in all, I don't think BF3 is a step backwards. Aside from the destruction and Gold Rush/Rush, I thought the BC series was a huge step back imo. How do you make a Battlefield game with less vehicles and also not have a proper Conquest mode, the staple of the series, the horse that got you there, I was stunned.



I think BF3's a step in the right direction, back to the franchises' roots. More vehicles, bigger maps, a somewhat proper (definitely improved)Conquest gametype, all improvements imo.


I do have to admit that I think this game does lack a certain degree of polish, but the tighter, more responsive controls and smoother gameplay more than make up for it. BC controls were somewhat sluggish and mechanical to me and the colors of the map levels were sorta blah imo.



I'll be playing BF3 a lot more than I ever played BC2.

You don't sound liek a Battlefield Vet to me... at all. And all of the issues you are expressing are connectivity issues and they are still fixing all of that. I played yesterday for several hours straight without encountering any of the issues you mentioned. THis game is legit, a return to the roots of the true Battlefield series.

he didnt say he was a battlefield vet, looks a cod vet to me

only gripe with this game is the flashlight needs a wee bit of nerfing I mean come on is there a 1000w bulb in the frigging things....or at least if youre outside and they have the light on you dont make it so intense like *** lol we're outside in the light at it is

and what is it with the destruction thing? seems fine to me, maybe a little less than bc2, but at least as much bc

Very good point... Never realized it that way. Not sure how the flashlight is supposed to help in the first place... Lights you up like a torch- same thing with the laser.

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