how u get unlimited ammo


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Build a Turret in Horde Mode.  After every wave, have a friend hop on and fire it continuously, while you mash your Y button to reload it.


Every 5 reloads, you'll get a ribbon.  At 100 ribbons, grats you've got unlimited ammo.


That's 500 reloads, btw

INFINITE AMMO (Decreases Points)

Earn the Combat Engineer pin 100 times (worked on 5 fortifications in one deployment in Horde)

Infinite ammo for all weapons.

Method: Horde Private. Put difficulty on Hardcore or Insane. Wave start at 1. Then Have a second controller give you their cash so you have 2000. Build a base. Then a turret. Get on the turret Fire a few shots. Get off and repair it. Repeat till you have the medal. Then die. Rinse and repeat.

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