American Dream?

Ok so now I own the best pad in town with a 10 car garage and 3 insured vehicles but no achievement pop !!,any ideas?


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You have to purchase the items through your phone.  CONFIRMED

That's kind of stupid if you ask me. I think I got the achievement myself, just weird that they'd require you to buy it off the phone when it produces the same outcome.

Bought from the sign as well early on, lucky for me that toon was lost do to the cloud issues.

You need to order your house from your telephone. Do not use the sign for the achievement. I had always bought from the sign. Last night I finally got around to using the telephone to buy a home and got the achievement.

I should have waited for that reply bigj7678 cos I just cut my losses & traded down to a duff place via phone lost loads of dosh but ah well got me acheevo lol

Not sure if THIS still works, but if you purchase the 80k apartment through your phone, then immediately shut your console off VIA the power button, the achievement will pop before you shut down, the crucial part is to shut down before a cloud save takes place. Then when you turn your console back on and load the game, you will have your expensive apartment and your money along with the chieveo. Just make sure to get a cloud save after that.

No from a for sale sign,this is where the problem is isn`t it!?!?,JEEZ I was ignoring all the Rockstar knockers since September but this ones just ridiculous,i`ve blown my $500k now too!!

Did you buy the pad on the internet from the Dynasty 8 website?