America's Resistance Corps (A.R.C.) for the upcoming MMO Defiance

America's Resistance Corps, or A.R.C., is a Defiance guild for XBOX 360. We are a part of The United Alliance of Anti-Heros. We are a group of dedicated players who a RP, or Role-Players. There is no military ranking system in our guild seeing as how in a Resistance there are no ranks, just leaders and soldiers. We will be performing weekly Arkfall raids, shadow war battles, instances, and other guild related operations as well as weekly Alliance based operationsm (these will be quite massive and will only become larger with time). We are already slated for war with the Legion of Carnage and in case it is not known to you, yes you, the future Ark Hunter reading this now, in Defiance, you will be able to war with other guilds at ANY TIME.....period. Meaning outside of shadow war you will be able to kill members of an enemy guild. So if you feel like stalking your enemy while they are attempting to complete a quest, if you would like to set up ambushes and kill zones for your unsuspecting enemy and overthrow your oppressors, then join The Resistance today. You will be contacted as soon as it is determined that the enemy is not monitoring outgoing transmissions. Only requirements are as follows:

Must have a mic
Must be 16+
Must be a dedicated gamer
Must be mature
Must ne willing and able to work together as a team
Must have a "lend a helping hand" kind of attitude, afterall, The Resistance is only as strong as its weakest member

If interested in joining feel free to contact your local A.R.C. recruiter today at VictorTwoRomeo


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