Ambush Gaming Black ops Clan 16+ Read if your looking for a clan.

About Us

Ambush Gaming is a fast growing Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 clan and community for ages 16+. We were formed in October of 2010 with leaders and a core group of members from a previous team. Our main philosophy here is to be organized, progress with teamwork, have fun, and meet some cool people in the process in a laid back, friendly atmosphere.

As of now we are specializing in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but as we grow we want to expand into different games and major titles. We accept US and EU players so no matter where you live, you’ll always have someone to play with.

Some of the current features we have and are planning for are:

» Active Leadership
» Active and always busy forums
» Casual & Competitive Divisions
» Gamebattles teams
» Community tournaments with prizes
» Special events and game nights
» Skilled active members in-game who just love to play and have fun
» A live chat box on our forums to chat with friends live
» Positive, friendly atmosphere where respectful people are welcome
» And much more in the works

We are organized based on a simple rank structure where members are encouraged work they way up. Mainly to stay organized and reward those who have showed high activity and dedication. We break up into Companys so you may participate in practices and matches with fellow teammates.

We accept both casual and competitive players, all new recruits go through a 3 day trial period to see if you mesh well with our current member base and make sure you have consistent activity.


Rank Structure

» Leader - Administrator/Founder

» General - Leader of a Console Division

» Captain - Leader of a Company within a Division

» Lieutenant - Assistant to the Company Captain

» Colonel - Member of an aG Company for 12+ months

» Major - Member of an aG Company for 9+ months

» Master Sergeant - Member of an aG Company for 6+ months

» Sergeant - Member of an aG Company for 3+ months

» Corporal - Newest member of an aG Company

» Recruit - Current Recruits

» Community Member - Member/Friend of the aG Community

» How do I move up in the rank?

At this time, most of our ranks represent the amount of time you've been active and committed to the community. These ranks include once you've become a corporal, you then move up in rank to Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Major & Colonel with active service for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months respectively.

Ranks of General, Captain and Lieutenant are positions not given to those who have the longest service. These positions are filled with who we feel will do the best job at that specific position for the betterment of the community..


If you wish to Join click this link here when you Decide to Join make sure that you put aG TryHardNinja as your reeferer 


Hope to see you on the battlefield 


- aG TryHardNinja LT Xbox Division Armoured Unit 


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