Amazed by MS customer service

Around the internet I mostly heard bad things about the costumer service but today I had my own experience and felt I should share it, mostly because I usually only post when I got something to complain about and people sometimes feel Im a troll because of it, so here is something positive to show Im not anti-MS or anti-xbox only because I also got some negative things to say.

Today I was thinking about getting a game and thought I saw a deal on the marketplace for a game + dlc, being overjoyed at the price and not having to go to the store I bought it and the download ended so fast I knew something was wrong. Upon better inspection of the description it seemed it was only the dlc!

I didnt even own the game I had just bought DLC for so I was kind of *** off at myself for a while and then I decided to contact the chat service on this site. The person who helped me was very friendly, helpful and even playful lol.

It was checked if my story was true and then to my surprise (because it was basically a dumb error on my part) she cancelled the purchase and told me the money would be refunded on the credit card soon.

For all the flak people (myself included) sometimes give MS for not caring enough for long time customers this was a real positive suprise for me, good job microsoft it seems you are very decent afterall. There is probably a law that protects mis-purchases like this anyways but its a real plus how easy you guys made it for me to file my question and get helped very soon afterwards.

Im still doubting if I should go next gen but Im no longer doubting if I should stay loyal to microsoft, you guys just won me over again.


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It is nice to see someone posting a positive result from a support agent.

It is nice to hear, though you should try to remember this the next time you have a bad experience. Too often does it seem that people have one bad experience and all the good just goes out the window.

So weird, most of them just say post on the forum and they will help you.

Microsoft, assisting people who don't actually read what they're buying since 2014.