TDM is the most popular gametype. I doubt Im the only one tired of being clan raped by modder clans. Since your not going to do anything about the cheaters at least bring back merc tdm only. I dont care for kill confirmed or domination. Ive fully prestiged in every cod but im really close to giving this game up and im only in 4th prestige.  I find myself leaving 90% of the games bc my team is down by 20. There is a huge advantage to team play in this game. Although the modder problem isnt totally fixed with merc tdm its at least reduced to a few lone modders here and there. Can we please bring back merc tdm?


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for example just went 16-6 and lost by 20k which means my team was -30 in a game i was plus 10. ugh

I love that they added domination to mercenary, but not kill confirmed. But yeah, I guess it would be nice if they added seperate playlists such as mercenary tdm, mercenary domination, and mercenary kill confirmed/team defender

Domination shouldn't be in Merc, but I actually enjoy kill confirmed.

merc Moshpit and i'll be happy.

I used to play MERC TDM all the time on MW2.  But I like what they did in MW3.  They took 3 popular modes (Kill Confirmed, TDM, Domination) and made it into one mode called MERC.

Remember, you can vote on the MODE and MAP per play.  Not all the time you will get the map you want, but I found out people always take Domination and Kill Confirmed over TDM.  I am one of them :)

16and6 thats it I have like four games on my thearter where I went 27and 8 or better and lost by 18 and another where I was 41 and 3 and only won by 2. It nothing to do with modders. The game will spawn you with your team and if the other team is there too. spawn camped.

Too much people would cry over their losses in a GAME.  I have noticed people love to invite the elite (not the mystery box elite) and ignore the common joe, while girls are naturally invited.  Winning is fun, losing is too hard to handle.

I think Merc TDM would be awesome and I'd definitely play it a lot.

I play with 2 friends, so we would stick to standard TDM when we play and always lose since we don't play as a team and pretty much play as randoms. I still play a fair amount on my own, and when I'm on my own playing merc would definitely be an added bonus.

I like what they did with the MERC playlist, but that's mainly because I'm not a big TDM player.

"Too much people".




And OP, Kill Confirmed is basically Team Deathmatch. Why not just play it anyway?