am i the only one whos thought of doing this?

kk so one of the main things u can do in new vegas is gamble as alot of you knowm so i was thinking couldt you just go into a casino save the game then bet it all on black...if you loose re load the save and if u win then carry on. will that work??




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should, although i havnt try it

thought of it mate but instead i made a character with all points in luck and ran my low levelled *** north with plenty of saving and swearing to get me there. worked a charm =)

It would probably work but if you make a character with a high level of luck you can just go to the blackjack tables and bet the max over and over again until they kick you out. You won't win every hand but you will win most and it won't take long to earn enough to get banned from gambling at the casino.

You can only bet so much money. And if you reload, you have to wait 1 or 2 minutes before gambling some more. So if you're patient you could earn a lot of money.

I always bet the maximum on double zero, and would just reload until it finally hit. The same can be done with the slots. But you can only make so much money from each casino before they won't let you gamble anymore in that particular casino.

With luck at 7 I busted all six casinos, 5 slots 1 blackjack...never reloaded.

never thought of it I should try this when I get on my hardcore character to help, when I get my game back

you can only bet a maximum of 100 chips now, just play roulette, save first, play 5 spins with 100 on the same number if your number comes in save, and continue, if it doesn't  reload and try again, bit of a pain, but has to be done,  lol

I've done it before, I don't know but everytime a reload a save, dealers swap out decks and the slots do something. I've had to wait like 40 seconds. So I don't know if thats like to help prevent people from doing that, or what. Becuase when I play WITHOUT reloading saves and all that, the dealers never to that.