Am I still poisoned?

Yesterday while playing the beginning of the game, when escaping from the dragon, I had to fight spiders. In the corner it said I had been poisoned. I had forgotten about it until now, and I was wondering about the side effects of poison. Because for one, people tell me how sickly looking I am when I go to alchemy/potion shops. And also, I was walking around exploring, and all the sudden I had become over encumbered. My weight carrying limit was at like 325? But now it is at 300.

Ive read other people's things about go to the Talos statue in whiterun and it will cure it, but that didnt work for me. I have been to every alchemy/potion shop I can find and no one has a cure poison potion. Others say that poison will go away after some time. There is nothing in my active effects page except for resist frost, from being a nord. So is my game glitched somehow or am I poisoned still?


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You shouldn't be poisoned. You have a disease instead. Check your Active Effects page, its under "Magic" in your menu. There your disease should be highlighted in red. Lets hope your not turning into a vampire...

I've had people say things like that to me even after I'm cured of anything. Poison only lasts for a few seconds and isn't a long term thing like a disease is. As far as your weight goes, did you have any fortify carry weight equipment on that you might have gotten rid of by accident? I don't know of any diseases that damage stamina, or even any poisons that do (then again I'm argonian and a werewolf so I hardly see any). I'm also unsure about if any damage stamina poisons would effect your carry weight at all either, so that leads me back to possible equipment.

I think maybe its possible that I had taken some sort of stamina potion, I was sitting here trying to think of what it could possibly be and i remember taking a potion by accident last night and I didnt get to see what it was. So im thinking thats what is was. But I do not have a disease, I looked in the active effects and even in my general stats where it says diseases contracted: 0. So Im not sure why the shop owners are telling me im sickly looking, maybe thats just part of the game? I have no idea. But anyway, thanks for the help guys.

Yeah, some characters, more so alchemists, say you look ill even after you've rid yourself of disease. BTW sorry I didn't see the Active Effects part before. I would say PIRATE DUCK is right about the carry weight fortification. It could always be a glitch too. Get some reinsurance, and click HERE.