Am I Screwed? - Spoilers?

Hey guys. Been playing for a while, but took a break from the main story to complete some side quests and do some exploring. Anyway, got back to main quest the other day and confronted Benny at the Tops. Did what had to be done and that was that. As I'm leaving the casino, the Legion guy confronts me saying Caesar wants to meet me. Alright. So I make that my active and make my way to the Fort. I talk to him, he gives me the platinum chip he took from Benny, gives me back my weapons, and sends me to the bunker to open it. Didn't want to do that just yet, so I killed the three Legion guards in the room with me and snuck out of the Fort (villified at the Fort now). Made 'The House Always Wins II' my active quest and went back to the Lucky 38. Mr. House takes me to the basement to show me what he's doing and sends me back. I fight my way back to the bunker but when I go to open the door, it only gives me the option to leave it alone. I check my inventory and the platinum chip is nowhere to be seen. Did the game glitch? Or did I need to pick the chip up from somewhere? The quest arrows stuck on the bunker's location, so I'm super confused as to what I can do at this point.


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There's no way you can enter the underground part of the bunker?  You probably used the Chip to open it up.  Also, you don't have to go right to the bunker anyway, so you didn't need to kill those people (so you're screwed if you wanted to side with the Legion).  Revert to an earlier save if you can, and instead of first leaving, just go down into the bunker and do what Mr. House says