Am i missing anything

 So ive bought and read the first three Mass Effect books and the comic for Liara, I have the fourth book preordered so am i missing anything


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Yes. Just scroll down to content. It lists all comics, books, soundtracks, etc. (to sum it up, you're missing a paperback comic, and online comic, and a digital comic):

How are the comics anyway? I own the books and found them enjoyable but I've been kinda two minded about getting the comics...would you recommend them?

I might buy the comics if Dark Horse wasn't the publisher.  I can't stand the art in both Mass Effect/Star Wars comics.  Which is why I won't bother reading any of the comics.  

A little surprised by that, I thought that the artwork was excellent, it even rivals the writing, haven't read a Star Wars comic in years though, but the ME comics that I've read have been pure eye candy...:-)