Am I In Trouble? Mods.

I dont know if its my home laptop, but I cant post in any threads. I dont think I am on any probation as I have never been before. For some reason its letting me start a new thread, maybe. Weird. Just posting this to see if it works because I cant reply in any other threads. Maybe my kids messed up a setting or something, dunno. This can be deleted whenever, thanks. BTW, has this ever happened to anyone? The forums "acting weird"?


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  Happened to me a while back when I became an ambassador.    They had me do some stuff with messenger and I think that was the issue because once I undid everything it was fine again.

   I couldnt reply, could sometimes start a topic, and could usually pm people.

  Also ..... "another point " thread was broken yesterday and it couldnt be posted in. This sometimes happens when people play with quotes. Using the rich formatting let me post in that one finally.

Yeah,In the BF forums for me a year or two back,It sorted itself out not long after though for me.

It was the post about my victory in the Saskatoon beauty pageant.  Mods don't like those Prairie provinces and all their wheat production.

Lets see if this works.

Fixed, yeah.

Looks like you have it figured out. I'm gonna lock it up. Any questions PM me.