AlwaysThereOG you F:NV life saver!

Thanks AlwaysThereOG! After two months or so of not being able to play this, and a complete lack of care from Obsidian/Bethesda to really try and fix this for everyone, your temp fix of starting a new game and then loading the old saves actually worked. I will now finish this and get rid of it. I will also NOT be buying any further game in the franchise. The lack of integrity shown from the companies involved have just lost them a customer. But you sir, are a diamond. Thanks again.


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What exactly was your problem sir? Besides a freezing glitch I never encountered any major problems with New Vegas

Ever since their update fiasco with loads of people including myself experiencing a save game loading fail (endless loading screen or crash) this game has been unplayable. The in-game crashes didn't bother me. Rebooted, reloaded, a bit annoying but I could live with it. But after their update (3 or 4, can't remember which) it made all save games redundant. They then patched the update which still didn't resolve the issue for some people.

AlwaysThereOG then suggested the workaround which consisted of starting a new game and THEN loading the old save files. This has succeeded. However, this action is now necessary EVERY TIME I load the game in order to continue. I would feel inclined to start afresh had I not already put over 100 hours into it.

It just disgusts me to know the developers of two stunning franchises are completely neglecting to address the issue further. I can only implore Bethesda NOT to use Obsidian for another installment of this franchise should there be one. But, unfortunately, the damage has already been done.

Next-gen gaming has a major flaw, and that is unfinished software and DLC permeating the market, requiring updates which further breaks the games (albeit from a handful of developers...most seem competent enough to address major issues such as these before release). A pity.

No problem man, of course, I'm glad I could help! I'm just glad we could find a way around this thing, Fallout: New Vegas has certainly been a hassle and its a shame to see it in rough shape so long after release. I know exactly what you mean about having to restart, I was nowhere near 100 or so hours (more around 40) but I'd be damned if I was going to do everything again just to enjoy the game to the end. I'm a bit of a meticulous gamer, and to be honest restarting would just ruin the immersion for me. I don't know if I'll go so far as to not buy another game in the series, I just love the game to death gameplay and story wise, but I definitely agree that the developers have certainly sullied the good name of Fallout a bit with this one and if Obsidian works on the next in the franchise I'll definitely be weary before picking it up. I also really agree with your opinion of next-gen gaming having a major flaw in the fact that many developers are trying to push their release dates and putting unfinished and buggy software out on the market just to get their paycheck in a little earlier (at least that's the impression they often give). Anyways, happy gaming and again I'm glad I could help! Hopefully the rest of the game will go a little more smoothly for you. I'm just about to hop into some DLC, so wish me luck, but I don't think a few more bugs will deter me too much from enjoying the great game that is Fallout! :D

Well, good luck with the DLC OG. I hope you don't suffer from the same problem afflicting DLC owners as well (apparently there have been reports of issues surrounding the DLC in the very same manner, rendering it unplayable by a lot of people).

Being very meticulous myself is the only reason I wouldn't restart. Because I have been everywhere (so far) and searched under EVERY nook and cranny. If I didn't play games like this, then I would have restarted in an instant and just blasted through to where I am...but no. Anyway...we'll see what happens next time around. As far as I'm aware, I don't believe Obsidian have been anywhere near Skyrim, so that one should be safe. But I will definiteley have second and third thoughts about the next Fallout depending on where they go and who they use.