Always looking for new friends

there's not much people on my friends list because i just bought my xbox recently, i decided to switch over from ps3 to xbox, but i often find my self straying back to my ps3 because i have more friends on there!  so please feel free to add me :)


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My friend likes PS3 a lot, you'd like him

Hi if you ever get round to buying COD or Froza Horizon your welcome to add mee :) I have Black Ops II but yet to play

ill add you if you want

I'll add you either later on today or tomorrow. Can't wait to play some games! =)

Feel free to add me. I was an avid PS3 player, but I got burned too often by Sony, so I switched over most of my games. A place I go to gives more for PS3 games than 360, so I was able to replace most of them without spending money.