Alright, can someone help me forge?

Ive been trying to play around on it, and I know I might sound like a total idiot, but give me some leeway.

I want to create custom maps, and download other peoples maps, but I have NO idea how. If anyone could help out or anything it would be much aprechiated. 


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Basically select Forge, choose a map and then edit it.


Heroic map pack (free i believe) has Foundry in which is perfect for creating maps as it's just an empty warehouse (you'll have to delete all the items on it).


Also if you have Mythic map pack 1, that contains the map Sandbox which even better than Foundry for creating maps, it has 3 levels and is basically like a blank canvas once you've deleted all the items.


Foundry and Sandbox are the two best forge maps, other maps are more limited in what you can create.


When you are in Forge mode, you can press up on the d-pad to change into the monitor, then you can press x and a list will pop up so you can create items (like weapons, vehicle, walls, blocks, etc)


Also while in monitor mode you can select items and change properties, like respawn times.


Might wanna search some Youtube videos for Halo 3 forge to see how to get used it, i'm really lame at creating maps, but i've seen really brilliant stuff been done on forge.


As for downloading other peoples maps, say you're in a lobby with people, if you click on there name, you can view there, service record, file share and gamercard.  You want to go on peoples file share, this is where people uploads: maps, gametypes, videoclips, screenshots etc.


You can also put maps you've created onto you're file share so other people can download.


Alternatively you can browse people's file share on via this link:, if you sign into with you're gamertag e-mail just like you do on here (  you can select files to download on, then when you go on Halo 3 they will automatically download.


Hope this helps, feel free to ask any more questions.


Thanks so much, it really helped me out :)