AlphaJax Rating System

Every player has a rating score reflecting their success in playing the game.

AlphaJax ratings are based on the classic Elo rating system. The key aspect of the system is that it gives points to players as they win, but crucially more points the higher rated their opponent.

New users start off with a provisional rating. No matter how many losses, a user cannot get a negative rating. Users who have played more than 10 games see their rating and are included within the ratings leaderboard statistics. Until then, the user's rating is deemed to be provisional and is not displayed within the app or used as part of leaderboaard statistics.

Also, the higher the user's rating the less points they will win/lose when playing games relative to a newcomer, so the top end of the charts are therefore 'sticky'.

All completed games affect ratings apart from 'pass and play' and rejected games which are never included. Therfore, games which are completed normally, or where a player resigns or is force resigned by their opponent are all included.

Whilst playing more experienced players may earn you more points if you win, please consider using the Skill Match option to create games rather than perhaps getting disappointed by rejections from the top players if they are unavailable to play.


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