Alpha Zombies/ Infection

This game is dust now, 75% of people I see in this game are now modded. Zombies die only from 4 shotgun blasts, headshots are still the same though. Most humans now have the abilities to shoot through most walls, sometimes even 5 or 6. Most Zombies Nova rank or higher decide when they want to be a human and when they want to be a zombie, just today one was a alpha zombie with me and she turned into a human and killed me 5 min. after playing as a alpha and it was not the start of a new round. Pumelling people to death now takes 5 hits and its god darn safe havens all over again. WTF? Do any of you notice this at all? I litterally shot a zombie in the face 3 times today and he still wouldnt die, it was point blank range to. I even sword stopped.


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I don't play Infection a whole lot, I'm more of a Big Team guy, but I do play every now and then and I haven't come across any of these things. Only thing that really bugs me is when Sword Base gets voted over and over so everyone can go camp in the vent -_- ... Anywho, do you happen to have any video? I would love to see, especially the part where a Zombie turned into a human.

I don't play that game much at all for similar reasons. I haven't seen the things you talk about except for the safe havens and having to shoot the zombie more than once. Some players seem to beable to withstand sword strikes too.

to quote and old friend of mine:

"PICS (vid)..........or GTFO"

Mods, sorry if this is overly agresive but you know, we need proof that there are in fact hackers on reach, otherwise everyone would think this guys a noob

edit: also just you know regular question...did this happened before bungie gave away halo to 343?  did it happened before the last update? 
Me as other people have said dont play that much infection nor living dead playlist, I'm more of a BTB and also havent seen any of the other thing you mentiones on your other treath

hackers in Infection? the worst i've seen are the campers.

the worst I've seen there is you Sion :P

I only play infection with friends and not in MM, we play it on customs

OP says reach has hackers on both infection and BTB

Big Team Battle? The same Big Team Battle that like 90+% of my MM games come from has a big hacker problem?... Well, this is news to me, I thought if it was a huge problem I would have encountered one by now.

yet again, i have yet to see any hackers in BTB in that playlist also. i think its just that you have a bad connection. time to call the cable company!

Zombie to human mod? Lol?

Wanna know what your problem is?


You're playing that terrible infection only playlist.

Il try to get this on camera, Im playing right now and somehow a a guys just shanked me through the stairs after being shot 5 times, one mister ImmortalApollo3

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