Alpha Protocol

When this game was first released it was roundly slated, so i decided to avoid, however, I'm interested to know whether or not they've improved the game by way of patches?







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I re-bought game a couple months back and I got no update when I put disc in, but on 3rd or so playthrough now I have not seen anything that needs to be patched to be honest, Peace.

Alpha Protocol's strong point is in the story. You can pick to do the locations in any order you want and yet the story still flows perfectly.


The story really is what stops the game from being a complete stinker.


However everything else about it has a feeling that the developers just said "good enough." and that is a sad thing.


You can see and feel throughout the game that with a little more care and attention that everything from the controls to the environments could have been vastly improved.


It's a shame really as there really is a gem under the surface, and with a struggle you can find it, but once again Obsidian have given us a lump of coal instead.

I have yet to finish this game, didn't think much of it to be honest.

I bought the game when was released and never had problems. Some reviewers/gamers exaggerated with the "flaws" because is an Obsidian game.

There hasn't been any patches to my knowledge, but I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The game is unfortunately held back by it's mediocre graphics, stiff animations, unpolished gameplay, and some odd bugs here and there. It's only $20 or so now, if it interests you, pick it up!

I would probably give Alpha Protocol a high 6 out of 10. Depending on your view of review scores, that may seem low, but IMO it's not.

It wasn't the greatest game, but I had fun playing it.  It's a good rental.

Seeing how this game is cheaper now I might pick it up. (i dont plan on trading it in either lol)

Ask yourself if you liked Mass Effect 1(assuming you played it), if you did, you will have absouletely no trouble, and even if you didn't, still try it. I'm pretty wary about buying Obsidian games after KOTOR2 and seeing how buggy New Vegas was, but I bought AP off of amazon for 12 bucks a couple of months ago and I'm really glad I did. I would say the most underrated game of last year.

was gd game this was i enjoyed it they should of made second game of it :)