Alot of confusion in this game

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure a good chunk of this game out.

For one I can't figure out what Paradigms I should have for what battles, this frustrates me to no end.  My Serah is RAV, my Noel is COM and I tend to use a healer/COM/RAV monster for filler.  Now I know I need to use like SEN/SEN/MED for avoiding a ton of damage and RAV/RAV/RAV (I think) to bring the pain but the other types I can't seem to figure out.  Especially when my Serah and Noel are focused on RAV and COM.  I don't know what else I should level.

Also concerning monsters, I have absolutely no idea what monsters are optimal.  I am talking about what monsters are best for their type.  I can't find any kind of material concerning these issues anywhere using google and yes I know the game just came out.

If anyone has any helpful info please ease my headache and frustration Q_Q  I'm not the kind of person to experiment and figure it out after hours of trying different things, I use guides and the internet but lack of info online is making this difficult for me.


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havent played 13-2 yet but paradigms are pretty similar to 13, which i played a lot of.

Ravager is mage, ravager can also stagger enemies quicker, but the stagger meter empties quicker, you need a commando to attack at the same time to maintain the stagger gauge, so 2 ravs and 1 com for tough enemies that need staggering, sentinel + medic + medic is a good one, monsters all have a class, either rav, com, sent, medic ect, so you can use monsters as medics or tanks or whatever. 

Those are the paradigms I've been using the hole game. Never had a single issue in fights. Personally I put my first two level ups into the ATB gauge boost, first Com / Rav boosts (Also got Sen boost on Noel), then all the accessory slots then the boosts again. Everything after that was just unlocking roles but I haven't found a single use for them yet. You're going to want to get the accessory upgrades because midway you'll find a Magistral Crest and Kaiser Knuckles which give +40 magic / strength respectively, a chain bonus and atb recharge rate. 


The monsters shouldn't matter too much. Just upgrade them and infuse others with the one you're upgrading for extra bonuses. For example most of this is what my Reaver has from infusing. 

Everytime I go to infuse my monsters with another it tells me my monster will gain nothing from this. even when it's showing i'll get say 10% bonus. But my real question is do the bonus' stack. If I put 10% fire resist on my monster can i put another 10% fire resist from infusing it w/ another monster?

use a com/rav/syn and switch to rav/rav/rav to stagger, another tip when fighting high damage dealers use com/rav/syn switch to rav/rav/med and kepp switching between rav/rav/med com/rav/med, keeps health up the com will keep the chain gauge up and the dual ravs will increase gauge, but keep going back to com so you dont lose it, and when you know a big strike is coming switch to sen/sen/sen affects are imediate, take the hit then switch to med,