ALMS and the laps through slower traffic

soi have seensome things posted on here about people not liking the slower traffic laps in the rivals mode.  the first thing i thought of when playing theis challenge was the ALMS and how proto's have to lap trhough GT and the cup porsches, and after the forza alms hook up i was wondering if this is why they did this. if you watch the opening video before you hit start for the demo, it shows  proto's and gt racing together on the same track.       anyone think this is why they may have added this mode in there.


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I think that's reading far too much into things, to be honest.  Turn 10 have shown in the past that they don't really care about things like pit stops and tire strategies, fuel loads, etc...things that are critical in real racing series. Sure, there's a fuel gauge, and sure you can go into the pits to change tires, but you never *need* to during the course of 99.9% of your career races.  I doubt that much has changed in this version, though I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.


IMO, the whole point of the traffic scenarios, and the Rivals Mode in general, is to capitalize on the popularity of similar features that were introduced in games like Blur and NFS:Hot Pursuit earlier this year.

I was afraid of that being the reason, I'm a huge ALMS fan, got to go to road America this year and it was just amazing.  I hope they can get a better career going, I still haven't heard(or really looked) about how they scrapped the calender and are doing something different. You know anything about the career?

I'm with you, man...I love taking in the ALMS races, and try to make it to Long Beach and/or Laguna Seca every year.  I'd love to see a game done with the graphic engine of FM4, the weather, pit strategies, and technicality of F1 2011, and have a proper ALMS game done, with all the teams, all the drivers, and all the real-world tracks.  Unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever see something like that happen...ALMS is really only popular here in America, and even then it's completely overshadowed by NASCAR.


Racing games appeal to a small enough market as it is, then to narrow that market down even further with what is perceived by most people as a niche racing just wouldn't make much financial sense.  Maybe if someone were to do the entire International Le Mans Cup (Europe, Asia, and America), that'd be worth looking into...but I think probably the scope of doing three individual series like that would be too much to handle, and would be next to impossible to do to the level that fans would want.


And as far as the FM4 career is concerned, no...I haven't looked into it much either.  I'm not really concerned about it to be honest...I'm not planning on picking it up until it goes down in price anyway, so I'm sure everything will be revealed in time.

Very very true, haven't gotten my hands on F1 2011 but I've played 2010 and loved the he'll out of it, so immersive. Have you happen to have seen( I think it's ep 5) of the uk top gear were clarkson takes that lotus around the test track? I would give a testical (don't know who'd want it)to do that. Thanks for the posts man.