Alliance of Violence Recruiting For Black Ops

We are a small group of guys who play for fun but win.We aren't MLG or GB or a community we are a clan looking for good players who play TDM, Demo and Dom, but we don't like losing so we have requirements.


-Working Microphone
-W/L ratio of 1.10 at least
-K/D ratio of 1.70 at least

If you qualify message me on xbox live my gamertag is AoV Kira

These are our members

AoV Kira 2.68 W/L Ratio-2.99 K/D ratio

AoV Goblin 1.77 W/L Ratio-1.84 K/D ratio

AoV Sopa 1.48 W/L Ratio-1.55 K/D ratio (only snipes)

AoV KroniiK 1.11 W/L Ratio-1.88 K/D ratio

AoV Nameless 1.51 W/L Ratio-2.26 K/D ratio

AoV Fume 1.06 W/L Ratio-1.05 K/D ration

O FK ITZ WANTED 5.67 W/L Ratio-2.61 K/D ratio

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Stickied threads at the top of just about every forum are there for a reason. They contain important information. I recommend you back out of this thread and scroll to the very top of the main Black Ops page, then click on the ironically titled Concerning Clan Recruitment & Youtube Videos for a little light reading.


And no, I'm too good for your clan.

Actually your not good enough Lol U have 35 days played and only 66000 kills and do u shoot with your eyes closed and how many times did u get carried to your wins get on my level i have half your kills and a better win ratio and kdr by double ive played 1 5th the amount you have...

I don't play for stats. I play for FUN. That is why I am too good for your clan.

just stop trolling ppl thanks