I was host.
Friend sells all his weapons for money and dashboards.  

Joins my game back and only has weapons previously equipped.
Everything else in his backpack was gone, and he couldn't buy them back.

What gives? 


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Don't try to cheat the system!

At this point, it's not even cheating, its just part of the game.

someone probably triggered a save coming into the game or by going to marcus's shop.

You can't expect something to go correct every time when you are using an exploit.

If you sell something it auto saves when leaving the kiosk

Why wouldn't you just dupe and sell the dupes that way?

someone probably moved near a save point b4 he dashboard and its not cheating meatwad gearbox knows its there and has not patched it they dont care

Technically it is cheating and is an exploit but seeing how they can't apply an auto save system that triggers when you dashboard it's kinda difficult to prevent