All Time Top 10 Tag Teams

Who are your all-time, top 10 tag-teams? Best of the best, regardless of company....

10.  The Wild Samoans

9. The British Bulldog and Owen Hart

8.  The Road Warriors

7. Demolition

6. Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka

5. The Minnesota Wrecing Crew

4. The Outsiders (nWo)

3. The Midnight Express

2. Doom

1. The Dudley Boyz

There are so many great tag teams in the history of wrestling, so I did some research on this, and made my judgement based on days held and so on. I know I will get slammed, but top 10 lists are always subjective.


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Nikolai Volkov and the Iron Shiek were pretty good, oh and Wendy Richter with Cindy Lauper were unstoppable.

The Dudley Boyz? Jim the Anvil and Bret Hart were by far better. The Hardyz were better. The Road Warriors and Demolition should be higher. What about D-X? IMO like this:

10. The Von Erichs

9. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew

8. Demolition

7. The Dudleyz

6. British Bulldogs

5. Edge and Christian

4. The Hart Foundation

3. The Hardyz

2. D-X

1. The Road Warriors (LOD)

The Rock and Sock Connection were an interesting combination, but in my opinion, The Brothers of Destruction are my all time favourite!

Depends what your basing it on really.  Days held is a bad idea, belts didn't rotate frequently until the 90s.  My favorite teams, in no particular order are:

Edge & Christian

Dudley Boys

American Wolves

The Machine Guns

Hollywood Blondes

Beer Money


Steiner Bros.

Money Inc.

Hart Foundation

Really too many to mention and I'm sure I'm leaving a ton out.

I would have to go with the following, in no particular order:

- The Hart Foundation

- The Road Warriors

- The Steiner Brothers

- The Dudley Boys

- Edge and Christian

- The Midnight Express (I was partial to Eaton and Lane)

- Harlem Heat

- America's Most Wanted

- The Freebirds

- The Eliminators

These are teams people paid money to watch wrestle and put on a damn good match. If you want to see spot-fest wrestling like The Hardy, The Gunns, or ANY team in ROH, pick up a video game or a backyard wrestling DVD.

The Rockers

Rock 'n Roll Express

Evolution DX Hardy Bros. Dudely Bros. Edge and Christian Rock and Sock Rated Rko Bros. of Destruction Lie Cheat Steal (Eddie/Chavo) Main event mafia

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

You mean Los Guerreros?  They were great.  Also love the Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Haas and Benjamin)

The Road Warriors

The Steiners

Edge & Christian

The Dudleys

The Hardys

The Eliminators

The Freebirds

The 4 Horsemen

The Hart Foundation

Harlem Heat

Hollywood Blondes.....

in no particular order...

I honestly think the Dudleys are a good pick for the #1 tag team. I have been watching wrestling on and off for 15+ years and have to say they were the most exciting team I ever saw.

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