All this talk about..

Everyone moving over to Ps4, anyone ever think there may be MORE people joining the console that haven't even moved up from Ps2 or the xbox to this generation? OR god forbid moving over from Ps3 to Xbox 720?? Who knows we might have a new forum for the 720 all together.. will there be a seperate forum for 720?


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I hope there isn't a new forum, and if there is that it reverts back to the previous forum style  that the powers to be inexplicably changed for no reason

Anything is possible.  Whichever console is more consumer-friendly is going to win the next console generation.  We're all only going by rumors, but right now that appears to be the PS4.  I have no loyalty to MS; I may go to PS4 if some of these rumors are true.

And yes, the new forums suck.

sony fans are pretty content there was a lot of excitement when the ps4 was shown. i doubt ps3 owners will switch to the nextbox unless it's amazing.

I think people with the ps2 still as their main console will switch to ps3, not ps4.

I don't think 'everyone' is switching brands. There's like 10 - 20 people who post on this Forum, and I'd say about half complain about MS. That's not a reliable indication of how many of the millions of Xbox 360 owners will buy a PS4.


Not to mention a lot of people online like to argue and complain over everything. You can't even watch a Youtube video without seeing a juvenile argument in the comments. I'm not saying these Forums are like that, but you can't take people's comments on the interwebs as a reliable source.

As it stands now, it looks like I'll be switching to PS4 next gen. If these rumors turn out to be false and Microsoft has a solid line up of non-kinect exclusives, then I would stick around. But I really don't see that happening.

Lots of ppl are still going to wait for the next xbox.  It's just that a lot of ppl don't like how MS has been doing things as of late.  Same thing happened when the beginning of the last gen happened.  360 came out and everyone wanted a taste of the new stuff so lots of ppl jumped ship from the PS2.


I've also heard many ppl here say they are thinking of jumping ship to the PC.


It's just the nature of the beast.

I have made my mind up for next-gen consoles that I'll buy: Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.


Wii U? No thanks, for last-gen I already have 360 and PS3.

This Gen could very well be my last ever Gen for console gaming. That is unless the ninth generation peaks my interest. But it would mean the first time I will have skipped a Gen in all my 34 years of gaming.


I hate Sony with a passion, Nintendon't and the Wii-U are just total jokes full stop and I am losing all interest fast in MS as they have a retarded as hell obsession with the worst gaming anything in crapect er I mean kinect.


So it looks like this could be it for me. I am really hoping that the 360 gets supported for a while longer.

I'm hoping that my computer will last me through the next generation of games.