All Saves Crash after DLC download

I just hit level 29, and decided I would download a couple DLCs to keep being able to level up as I finish up some quests, then start on the DLCs...  So I paid for and downloaded Old World Blues, and The Lonesome Road.

Now save games wont load unless I delete the DLCs I just downloaded...

I tried going into my system settings, and clearing the system cache, holding down 'A' when I load the game to clear the game's cache.  Then I tried deleting both DLCs clearing caches, then redownloading one, clearing caches, still no good.

No matter what I do, what save I try to load(I even played a bit after deleting the DLCs so I could manually make a couple saves at different spots, indoors, outdoors, etc), the game freezes after about a minute on the loading screen....    WTF!  I do not want to have to spend another 72 hours to get leveled back up, and find all kinds of gear ALL over again...   HELP!


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Also might be worth while noting that it would take about 15-20 seconds on average when loading saved games prior to downloading any DLCs.  And now its about every 15-20 seconds it hiccups until it finally entirely freezes the console(no popup when you hit the home button) after about 1-2 minutes of this infini-loading screen

Well I seemed to have solved the problem after a few hours of going crazy(doing the same thing over and over, hoping for different results).  The only difference from what I had done before and what seemed to have worked is I actually deleted the title update, and let that redownload as well. So basically:

Deleted all DLCs.

Deleted Title Update.

Cleared System Cache.

Cleared the Game Cache(pressing any button before you see any tites/logo screens is supposed to do this)

Let game re-update.

Downloaded first DLC.

Cleared System Cache.

Cleared Game Cache.

Loaded save, worked.

Downloaded next DLC

Cleared System Cache.

Cleared Game Cache.

Loaded save, worked.

Finally get to continue my battle through the wasteland without having to start from scratch.

I may have to try that since my game freezes quite often. I haven't thought about deleting all the DLC, and system updates, clearing and cache and re-downloading them again fresh.