All Progress Erased

Today i hop onto Magic 2012 to play with some friend and much to my suprise all of my saved data is gone, campaign progress, and deck progress is back to 0. I bought most of the decks with deck keys too. I called xbox support and they directed me to post in the forums here. And to top it all off i cant get a refund for all my MSP spent on the keys. Somebody please help!


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I just lost all my progress and deck keys too. I sent a message to Support and got directed here as well. Sick, I love spending money for no reason, and unlocking cards just for them to randomly disappear. Awesome!!!

this is ridiculous... i actually got points to buy the newer decks... not gonna happen now... all my progress is gone. WHAT IS GOING ON????

I know how to bugs like this, but it's a little complicated. If anyone still has a glitched deck or missing progress, message me if you're interested in fixing it.

*how to *fix* bugs like this

message sent.

That has happended to me and a friend with the old game . No refunds for us . Sux big time . To hear that this happens with the new game as well frightens me quite a lot . I have all the decks and almost every card unlocked . Just to imagine that all this might dissapear makes me sick .

This has happened to me 3 times. I unlock all the cards then I lose everything. I have spent money on this and I want this fixed. I mean why should we buy the next one if they don't fix this?