all my missions got reset

So ibeat general knoxx armory and all the missions i could find so i joined my buddys game to see if he had a mission i didnt but instead it gave all these misssions i already completed from all the dlcs wich i find really dum is their anyway to fix thiss i only needed the moxxi dlc missions now im bumed since all my work is erased


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missions dont get reset and judging by your achievement you havent done it all in tbone junction-your missing sidequests where u talk to that midget by the sunken sea or circle of duty missions or lost lewts.the game doesnt reset missions with the exception of the virus bug keep your insides inside.

the game can be misleading, where you'll see the end credits, but that does not mean the game is over, you can do Zombie Island in under an hour, but that means only doing the few main quests, it will be hours more if you do the side quests.

The same with Knox, the first time get get to the Armory they credits roll but there are still other missions to finish after that.

Also you might be getting a Playthrough one and a Playthrough Two confused.