All Ghillied Up

I'm on my first playthrough on Vet and so far I have to say this has become my favorite mission so far. Just the scope of the city as you wind your way through to the meeting point is amazing. And that eerie feeling you got when you go through the school and you hear children playing faintly, it was like an emotional rush to me. It sad that they've (a majority of games)  moved away from the good moments like this and instead replaced it was fast paced shooting. I feel you don't get the time to enjoy the game when you have to do everything fast paced and such.


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wow 5 years on and people new and old to the game are still loving it..thats what i call a classic.

yeah this is also my favorite mission also the mile high is also really fun to play :)

I love this mission to. Google Pripyat for some awesome stories and images about the city.

It's my favourite as well, I've looked at loads of images of  Pripyat years after the nuclear disaster, iw has done an excellent job on revitalizing this ghost town. Just out of interest, I've finished this in vet and the last part near the Ferris wheel is a complete pain. So I just sat hidden outside the closest Apartment block to the Dodgem's, waited for the hellie, did the dash to collect MacMillan. Didn't shoot anyone!

Thats my favorite mission in the whole game.  I wish the single player mode had been longer.