All data erased???

So here is my situation. I turn on the xbox, to find that out that I have an update. Okay I say and download the update. I then go to play magic 2012, to find that it too, has an update. I download it and to my surprise, all the decks that I unlocked are now locked, and all the cards unlocked for the decks, are also now locked. The game did a total reset. By the way, I still have all my achievements. Has anyone else encountered this problem and fixed it? Both me and my friend are having this issue.



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The same thing happened to me...needless to say I'm extremely not happy.

Same thing just happend to me, called xbox support and they said to go to forums because they couldnt do anything

I'm assuming they mean the software forums not the game forums here.

They probably mean the developer's forums.  I'll still pass this along to the test team for investigation though.