All CoD Zombies Easter Eggs

Let's get it going. You guys can make contributions too, so feel free to post what you guys want concerning easter eggs. Just don't repost, no one likes reposts.

All of these easter eggs that I'm posting relate to Call of the Dead, make sure that if you do post easter eggs that you name the map they are on and who the video is from. If it's your video than cite yourself, but if it's another persons video make sure to cite them correctly.

There is no order, this is just the order I found them in. I know there is one more radio, but if there are more than that just let me know. These are from me

Radio #1

Radio #2

Radio #3


These are from me

Music Easter Egg

Weird Radio Frequency Devices


NGT has been uploading a lot of videos. I think this forum could benefit from that. All credit goes to NGT, not me. BTW, this is for the multiplayer easter egg

Step 1 of the Big Easter Egg on Multiplayer

Step 2 of the Big Easter Egg on Multiplayer

Step 3 of the Big Easter Egg on Multiplayer


This is for the solo part, go through steps 1 and 2 then revert to these videos to continue the solo easter egg. Videos from NGT

Step 3 for Solo

Step 4 for Solo

Step 5 for Solo, the last step


There are these notes that syndicate found, so far he has 3 of them. I will post the last one once he does that.

Yellow Note

Purple Note

Orange Note


well here is the final blue note. Videos by Syndicate

Also, there is a way you can make yourself invulnerable for 15 seconds if you play with a friend with the V-R11. I don't expect this to help that much but it's cool. Video by Syndicate


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