All Arcade Mode character prologues/epilogues here (SPOILER WARNING: May contain future verbal/chat spoilers)

Give that form of spoiler warning due to the possibility of discussing the entire story in this chat.


I've managed to collect all of the prologues/epilogues for all Season 1 characters (excluding Shadow Jago) through various YouTube channels, in which I give credit to. I've already posted these (endings) in each character's section of the forum, but this is to combine them all for the General section, since it's seemingly dead around here entirely, and because some contain multiple links. :D If you'd like to discuss any aspect the story, feel free!

I don't have the game myself, so I'm not sure if Shadow Jago has endings. If anyone manages to find anything, go ahead and post here or the Jago section.
Hope this doesn't count as a double-posting penalty. If so, I apologize.
All prologues/bios (Uploaded by, Ray Dhimitri):
Fulgore endings:
Glacius endings:
Jago endings:
Orchid endings:
Sabrewulf endings:
Sadira endings:
Spinal endings:
Thunder endings:

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OMG! This thread is filled with so much awesome! Thank you!

My favorite ending had to be when Glacius decides he has no choice... And blows up the Earth! XD

^^^Yeah, that one was cool. My favs would be when Thunder discovered about Eagle and Fulgore in #3, and when Sadira created the portal and fulfilled her mission. To me, that's a good start for Season 2, hoping that portal is a passage back to the past. That can be Maya, Kim Wu, and Tusks' (KI2 veterans) window for Season 2. Already can't wait!!

Btw, do our editing privileges here expire over time? I tried to edit my OP a while after seeing my spacing issues.

Yes, but I don't know how much time you specifically have - I think it's around 3-5 min. before you can't edit any more.

Okay, thanks!