For all those wondering Call of Duty 3 MP is very much still alive.  If you are thinking about buying this game know that you will be able to find good player matches online whenever you wish.


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This is true...i have noticed quite a new amount of people on CoD3 and a lot of MWF kids wanting to see how the old CoD games were.I'm guessing that's why they still keep the servers up as well with the amount of people who still play this game....for 2006 it's still doing good...Graw2 my second fav older online game to play from 2007 is going strong as well.

I remember once them saying they would never shut down the servers and that they actually can't.  At least not for player matches.  The player matches are P2P and the lobby works off xbox live servers.  It is not like the newer games which I believe could be shut down.  Can't say that any of this is true though.

@JeremyWJ This works the same way as for all COD series.

I loved this game, my favorite COD by a long shot, I suppose having an interest in WW2 helps though.

I always found issues with this game locking up occasionally is this still the case?

I'll load it back up if the community is still strong and come join in the fun.

The game does lock up because of the hosting issue that still exists to this day, you can however clear your cache as a measure to take but yes it still locks up and it is pretty much dead online.

Thanks Exit for the information on the lock ups, I guess then there's little point in booting up the game if as you say it's pretty much dead on-line.

Fond memories though ;)

Multi-player has a few random games but not very many players, have a look at my YouTube channel to see the real amount of players that play, you can find the odd game here and there but in the whole it is pretty well dead, shame as in it's day it was pretty awesome, but now the newer games have arrived the older non perk-less games are being ditched.

Its still a classic and one of the only original cod games that is still playable in addition to cod 2, that hasn't been overrun by cheaters.  I don't get much time to play now days and when I do put in cod 3 I have a hard time finding ranked matches so I in turn play player matches and the only ones I can find is poissen or eber dam.  I have all the map packs and wish others would download em they were cool.  EVerytime I host a dlc match no one joins.  

Red KillMachine: I don't think I have ever been on at any time and not seen multiple games going in Poisson, Eder Dam, Mayenne, Merville, Argentan, and Verdun.  Usually there is a fuel plant or two going as well but I never play in that map.  Never really liked the Fuel Plant.

Eder Dam, Merville, and Poisson usually have the most games going and the highest amount of players.  Typically there is at LEAST always one full game in those three maps.  Most likely 2 or 3 each.  Then there is usually in addition to the full games quite a few games with around 12 players, which imo are sometimes more fun to play in (if team balance is on).

I play almost daily and never have trouble finding games I enjoy.  Always so many to choose from and hundreds and hundreds online.

Hope to see you around COD3!!!

Multiple games!!! Jerry poo you really need to get some glasses, if you think that a lot of people play Mayenne, Merville, Verdun and (every one hates this) Argentan then you are a bigger TROLL than I first thought, and nobody ventures into fuel plant at all, and you may get a full game in one map and not at least as you say you doofus.

12 player games are rubbish, you are only saying that you like player games of 12 because that's all their is, and you don't play daily because before you removed snowy he hardly ever saw you on, kid you are a joke.

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