Aliens In SR4 Really ???????

Come on the folks at volition can do better than this.....IMO, although i'm having a blast


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Yup, that's the plot.

They need to sit down and replay SR2. That one was the best.

Could be worse... could be more zombies...

^^I feel you guys both on this subject but to me SR 3 was awesome.

SR3 had graphic and control improvements, and was enjoyable, but was weak in story and overall game size and content.

SR4 is cheap filler.

I only liked it because it drew some content from The Matrix and Enter the Matrix.

Got this game.  The plot seems pretty stupid and feels like Crackdown, but the game is starting to win me over.  Radio stations aren't too bad either.  Go back to Saints Row one and bring back big a$$ chains!!

I like this game so far, hated 2 as it got bring for me, loved saints row the third. lol the data stream is a crackdown knock off, sameless lol.