Alien Invasion

ok so it's 2012 and zombies mode is old news. Even the new maps get boring and why not unleash a new threat? An Alien Invasion mode! The setting could not be more perfect.


If anyone else remembers all the hype for MW3 before it came out than chances are you saw all of the youtube videos about a supposed "Alien" mode. Well why not? Before Mw3 was released all I could think about was a Battle LA type setting where you had to fight off intelligent beings with weapons new and old.


What i was thinking is that at the beginning of the round the aliens will airdrop in to specific parts of a map. Lets just make up a random map and say it's a ruined shopping mall. Not only will the objective be to fend off Aliens, but another objective will be included. In this scenario it is to get to the roof of the shopping mall and activate a beacon that will either send in more troops or get you a helicopter ride out of there and onto the next location. Kind of like L4d's finale's. Secondary Objectives can be accomplished and will change the shape of the map or allow acess to other parts of the map.


Basic character creation and create a class would be included as well, but with basic salvaged weapons. You could play as either civilians or uniformed soldiers. Weapons will have to be "found" or "earned" and the mystery box will no longer exist. It will be replaced by an Ac-130 airdrop that will either drop a Cache of weapons, a small armory or a "Super Weapon".


Players will need to work together to open up the crate to get whats inside. Could this gameplay type work? Anyone want to elaborate or share ideas and opinions?


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It sounds cool, I have not enjoyed zombies since waw.  Most of the game is set in the future anyway.

Id rather zombies.

Aliens would of been awesome! Maybe they can patch them in at some point???

*Would have. Again stop reviving old threads.

waiting .................