Alien Colonial Marine coming in 2012

Finally, very happy with this news. Although, still a long wait.


[quote]Sega and developer Gearbox Software have announced that the long-delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally coming in 2012.

The PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 title will appear on shelves sometime in the spring of 2012. Of course, no game is immune to being delayed multiple times, but the fact that both companies are confident enough about the timeframe to put out a press release about it – and that it's relatively far away – hopefully means that this particular release window is doable.

The game features drop in/out co-op play, and hopes to replicate the frantic, claustrophobic, and eerie vibe of the Aliens film.[/quote]


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Oh god yes. Just show me some gameplay already.

At least with Gearbox behind this, it has a solid chance.

I was hoping they would announce a Borderlands 2, but this is good.

Type (the ip shown in the trailer) in your URL and use FATHER as the host name and you will get an extended trailer that shows brief game play.

good find SJ.

If it was a Borderlands 2 announcement and not this, I would have been angry.

I am really excited about this game. I heard it's like a direct sequel to ALIENS as it takes place right after the events of the James Cameron movie. You get to create a custom character and run around in Hadley's Hope colony. This game almost sounds too good to be true!

Could be bad or good. I'm hoping the latter.

Spring 2012? In industry years thats about 7,5 years from now... call me back the week before release and I'll do the excitement thing with you guys.