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If you guys dig Alice: Madness Returns as much as I do, check out the 1UP Walkthrough and Strategy Wiki SuperGuide at We already have the first handful of chapters complete, and we'll be churning through the rest of the game in the upcoming days. Consider it your source for a complete walkthrough of both the campaign and collectibles.


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alice is a game that every mature gamer needs in his or her xbox at some point. the game is going to go down as the best game most people never played. the art and story are far beyond what most games and it plays a lot like mario 64 for the platform areas. combat is the weakest link but thats like saying you love your car but hate the stearing wheel cover

I actually just purchased this online and it should arrive next week.  I never played the first one and I'm looking forward to something different for a change.

This game is glitching beyond belief and im beyond disappointed that I can't finish the game...if anyone else is having a glitching issue or can help me figure out part of chapter 5 id be extremely appreciative of it...please contact my gamertag stonersam1124 if u can offer help

Is this game really worth $60?

What do you do after you beat the game?

I know that there's apparently a port of the first game, but even after you beat that...

What then?

so beautiful and an amazing story. other than that sooooo disappointing. I can't save when I want? really? this game drags on and on because of having to redo everything from falling off of a platform. so tedious. unfinishable.