Alice Madness Returns Is Freakin' Cool

I just wanna start by saying WOO, we finally got a new platformer game! That's right not another first or third person shooter, but an old school adventure/ platformer! I'm a good few hours into the game at this point and I can honestly say I'm loving it. A lot of  the reviews simply praise the art and toss aside the fact that it has original and unique combat, as well as an interesting mystery unfolding story to boot. You have to tackle some different  enemies with various weapons and strategies, as well as the ability to upgrade your weapons so the combat remains fresh. If your a fan of platformers or just wanna try something different and fun pick up Alice. 


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I plan to give it a rent. We'll see how it goes.

I didn't think it was out until Friday, I shall be popping to my local Gamestation after work tonight..... this is going to be awesome.

it looks ok but worth £40 i dont know about that maybe a demo would have been a nice idea

       I thought this would be a good game, the gameplay looked unique & I was glad it was just another shooter.  I wanted it from gamefly but forgot to update my GQ so I received Condemned instead.  I just hope it's available in a week or so.

If you guys dig Alice: Madness Returns as much as I do, check out the 1UP Walkthrough and Strategy Wiki SuperGuide at We already have the first handful of chapters complete, and we'll be churning through the rest of the game in the upcoming days.

If you do get the original Alice with it, you're guaranteed at least 1 great game.


A demo would be cool.  Seems like less and less games are getting demos.