Algonquin Elite Force

Interested in joining a Role-Playing Clan. I'm not going to sit here and boast about how good we are because we aren't the best in the world. Our clan is just like every other clan that is out there. Respectful, Serious, and on the off time, just plain goofy. We are Algonquin Elite Force and we would like to have you on our squad.

If you wish to see what we do during our patrols or just want to see one of our Training Videos or just to see what we do on out off time, just visit our YouTube site here and you can see what we do on our free time.

If you are interested in joining just go to the official Algonquin Elite Force clan website.

We would love to have you with us.

Our recommendations to join is just to have

  • A XboxLive Gold account
  • Working headsets. Because without them, then how would we hear you? HAHA
  • Age 16+. We had to many immature people already, so Sorry.
  • And TBOGT add-on. We also do patrols in there.

If your interested still just message

  1. CorkJg ------------------ Our Commissioner
  2. Dashinator1992 ----- Our Lieutenant
  3. or me PyroMan015 -- Corporal

Join us for all the FUN.


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Sounds cool! I've always tried looking for a good/descent clan without any drama or little kids. I've always been joining either drama clans, kid clans, bad clans, or clans that start and die on the same day, but you guys really know what you're doing and for that, I joined. I applaud you =)

@Wolfzz213, it's not easy to run a clan. It takes time and effort and some people who start clans are just not dedicated enough to continue or manage it. I've been running my clan for two years now and beleive me, it's not easy.

bumper jumper

In my opinion this clan has some serious growing up to do. First off their patrols are not realistic at all. You could let 10 year olds in your clan, like honestly.  And second if you kill the commissioner in a GTA IV game when you have the right to shoot then apparently you get kicked out. I am glad I left this clan. And if you leave them then their clan side kick. Wolfzz213 makes a harassing account, and Xbox doesn't ban him or suspend him for making a harassing account and putting inappropriate stuff. This saddens me.

No, actually it's pretty easy. Tell everyone what the rules are, if they don't abide by them, give them a warning, three warnings and they're gone. That's all there is to running a clan properly, the main problem is creativity. But, when you get more members, there won't be any shortage of that.

@SlickSpencer8   ...Every officially recognized clan that has ever functioned properly, usually has a rule against killing the Commissioner in the clan. This clan is not officially recognized. But, still. Most of the time, it's common sense not to kill the Commissioner and also courteious, since the Commissioner, well me anyways spends the WHOLE game running the game. Keeping the civilians under control, running dispatch for police officers, aviation units, firefighters, nautical forces and paramedics, recording purchases between players to players, players buying cars, buildings or any other kind of property, recording the income, their lives, the criminal records, all of that. So, the Commissioner (me anyways) usually has a LOT to do, and clan running PROPERLY, the Commissioner is sitting in one spot, recording everything.

Are you the freakin expert on clans or something, HMG? In that case, we could really due without your critques, especially since you love to put down other clan threads!

Well, since I ran a police clan since the release of "Grand Theft Auto IV" and many other police clans including LCES, when it was run by powerhous3, contacted me requesting "Advisory" assistance. I would say, that I would be considered something of an expert in this general area of operations. I don't put down clan threads, they put themselves down. I just point out the flaws, and then everything falls from there.

All police clan leaders, If you can not handle the criticism, the shut down you clan and shut the f*** up.

I have witnessed three police clans shutdown due to their inability to heed criticism and fix broken aspects of their clan and attitude.

In case you are about to interject about MY attitude, don't bother. I don't care, I hate humanity and I hate you. Unless, you show me you are a likeable person. Until then, you are the scum of the Earth.

TRUCE as you and  I have already apologized for the previous problems. I wish you best of luck when GTA V comes out. Hopefully it will be more RP oriented. Ah yes, what is your opinion on RP clans compared to police clans, HMG?