Alex Brand?

I just picked up book 2 of the gears of war graphic novel yesterday, and a Gear woman named Alex Brand was a major character in the comic called Barren. 


She was pretty cool and I'd love to see her in the game, even just as a MP character. What do you guys think? 


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I'm always down for new characters. Personally, I'd like to see Dom's older brother who was Marcus' original partner.

I'd like to see Bernie Mataki and some of Doms old sqaud mates from when he was a commando

how many characters do they have playable as of now? so many characters u can tell the players now. no one has to have the same character. they should have made 'make your own cog'

id like to see a brumak

Bernie is already confirmed to be in the game.  I suspect that Epic may announce Alex Brand being in the game at Comic Con in July.

That'd be cool. I'd like to play as her. I miss in gears 1 when you could see what characters the other players were choosing. That way you could make sure there were no duplicates of characters. (Like in the beta where every team was full of Tool Trains)

I'd like to see Micheal Barrack the big guy they find in the 1st issue of the Gears comic. Also Lopez? the guy that died in the first issue and was in the novels.

I sure hope they don't have the women from the breeding farm from graphic novel book 2. I don' think that would go over well with anyone except for douchers