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For those familiar with Alex Brand, could she make a campaign appearance or is she just a MP skin? I don't think she could fit into the story because of its time period. She was in the birthing camps according to the comics and proved to be barren so she was made a Gear. With Judgement taking place 1 year after E-Day doesn't seen like she would fit into the story because of her background. Not sure if any information has been given on her yet. I think she was requested by a lot of people for Gears 3 so they just threw her in? Anyway thoughts or info on this would be appreciated.

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based on her being dlc I doubt it

I just know from the comics and books, Alex and Baird don't get along. So it could setup some interesting dialog, like Baird and Sam. Then again Bairds appeal comes from being a total d!ck to everyone except cole. So that will probably be done with his talking to Sophia.

I just dont see why she would be dlc if she was already in the game, who knows though

Bernie was in the game cut scenes for Gears 3 as well as the Onxy guard, they later because DLC. I know she won't be playable in campaign but is a cameo possible? Anyway just idol thoughts while board at work.

'sup guys? who's ready for next Tuesday?!

@Billy:Yeah. I thought Bernie was playable in campaign though in Gears 3? Anvil Gate, when Marcus and cole give cover to her and dom, is she the fourth character or is it Anya?  Only played co-op with one player, so I don't know. and as for Bernie and Onyx Guard in multi, they were on the disc, but basically we all had to pay for that horde command pack, which didn't download anything but the programming code to unlock everything. It was a 1 MB download. It was therefore a product key, a la Microsoft Windows. Look at what Epic "added": the three characters, and the three new maps as well as the fortifications in Horde. That's a lot for only 1 MB. single Mp3 music files are larger than that!

Not bad mouthing, but really we paid ten dollars for stuff on the disc already.

On topic, I doubt Alex is in the campaign if they stick to canon (not even a series bible for the franchise), as Lord Dirt says, she would probably not be DLC if she was. But the case with Bernie makes me wonder. They did it before.

Thanks, I figured she would be too young to have anything to do with the Judgement story, but you never know.