Alduins Wall problem. Escort Esbern to Riverwood

Hey guys, I need some help here.  A while back I started this quest, I am on the part "escort Esbern to Riverwood."  I met Esbern in Riften and he said he would follow, so I just left and fast traveled to Riverwood.  Then I got there to talk to Delphine and Esbern never showed, so I waited about 30 hours and he's still not there.  Then I went and did a bunch of other stuff, now weeks later, I'm at the point where I need to do this quest and I've lost Esbern!  The arrow tells me to go to Delphine, I've heard everything she's had to say and the quest will not progress. 

What do I do?  Can anyone help, I'd appreciate it!


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When I did this one, Esbern let himself in and went down in the basement and waited for us to show up. Is he not in the basement?

haven't checked the basement, will do

there is no basement in the place in Riverwood.  Damn this sucks, I can't go any further with this game

It's hidden - try all the wardrobe's!  ;-)

Yeah it's behind the hidden door in the wardrobe. Have you not met Delilah? or whatever her name is. She has the key and once she lets you in you can go back anytime.

ok, finally advanced.  I had to go back to the ratway and Esbern was just chillin in his room with the door open.  As soon as I walked in there he was like "ok, let's go"

stupid, I spent hours trying to figure this out, lol.  I thought he was already supposed to have been following me.

It never hurts to look behind you just to be sure. NPCs and followers are all the time falling behind me, getting stuck in rocks, fighting minor battles, unable to manage the terrain, etc.  In fact, Lydia was almost killed one time while we were simply walking through loose boulders in a cave. She'd run into the rocks and they would hurt her, severely!  I was astounded.