Alchemy leveling?

Are there any tips or tricks to leveling alchemy? I have 100 in smithing and enchanting but alchemy is taking forever. If I combine some ingredients that don't make a potion will that help my leveling? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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Have you tasted individual ingredients by themselves first?

Yeah, but I guess I don't really understand that.  It says what it is partially used for but does that at all tell me what other ingredients to use?


Once you taste a bunch of stuff, ingedients with similar properties will be listed under the type of potions available to create. combine some of them to make potions. when you do, you might unlock a 2nd and/or 3rd effect of something which can be combined with something that shares that property. Mix it up a bit.

And taste everything. No matter how bizzare. :)

did you find the 3 standing stones near where you start? near the first town? warrior mage and thief stones, alchemy is considered a "thief" skill so go and choose the thief sign when you want to level your alchemy by tasting and mixing potions. will go 20% faster with the thief stone.

I believe the most valuable the created potion is the most experience gained from making it.