Alchemy in Skyrim

Any news about Alchemy and its uses in Skyrim? It was one of my favorite skills in Oblivion.


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Can anyone point me in the right direction with Skyrim glitches or bugs ... just having trouble with one of the side quests

where 2 npc`s fight it out , trouble is i killed one of them and know i cant finish it , i think its glitched out :( .

Its the quest with the 2 hags/witches fight for the tower and u have to let one out of the cage to get revenge on the other

i forgot to let her out and went to kill the one in the tower ... Lol XD

You can do that?

just got a new account

hay im a Spell Caster (got hit with laxs poison dipped Arrow).......................i........(dead)

I might start using it also this game.. never actually got in to the poison making.. But my sneaky Agronian assassin will use it.. :D :D

Some of the perks look nice, like the ability to have the poison hit points last twice as long. I wonder how they'll handle Master equipment in Skyrim, if you'll be able to purchase it from vendors this time. I wouldn't mind if it cost a boat load of gold.

Thx for the link and the info. My how I love nailing Spell Casters with a Daedric Bow and Arrow dipped in my favorite poison. First they're paralyzed, when they wake up, they're silenced for about 25 seconds, then they take a major Magicka hit, followed by their health slowly being drained. And if they do manage to wake up, they're dead by the time they try to get up off the ground. Priceless.

I prefer to just eat the fish I catch..have a good ol' roleplaying fish fry. Invite my future Skyrim NPC wife and the adoring fan and Hircin and Sheogorath

Apparently, you can catch butterflies, moths, fish, spiders, and of course pick flowers to combine and make crazy new types of potions.  I am excited to see how in depth the alchemy, smithing, and enchanting go.