Alan Wake Will Be Exclusive for Xbox One In Future?

Hi all Friends ...i am PC Gamer and I love Alan Wake Game Series i want to know in Future Alan Wake only for Xbox One or also for PC.. bucz now in console war console owners wants their own product Popular in world and wants every best game series exclusive for their own console ... PC and Xbox Both are things of Microsoft but Microsoft pushing PC in Darkness for Xbox success and now Microsoft totally attention on Xbox not on PC why they forgot xbox became parts of PC not PC became parts of Xbox ... Microsoft can release Xbox game after 1 year in PC as like GOW 2 and 3 Halo and more  ... I'm afraid lest Alan Wake only will be for Xbox not for PC in future.

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Microsoft/Remedy has not announced any plans for a new Alan Wake

Doubt Alan Wake 2 (If in development) will be exclusive unless Microsoft showered them with money. By releasing it on PC they made their money back on the cost of making the port within 48 hours + more. If anything releasing it on PC saved their game seeing as Alan Wake was one of the most pirated 360 games sitting at 1.1 million in 2010. Not to mention they even made fun of Microsoft in the PC version.

I would play a new Alan Wake game.

I do not care if it's an exclusive or not.

As Az says, I don't really mind if exclusive or not, I would definitely play a new Alan Wake game.

Games are few and far between these days that actually instill a sense of fear whilst playing, but I genuinely felt a rush of fear when the enemy would sneak up on you almost invisible and take a pot shot at you. Getting into the light gave me a huge sense of relief!

Remedy better be busy working on Quantum Break.  Looking forward to that one.

Alan Wake wasn't the best game ever, but it had a great atmosphere, I loved running through the woods at night in that game, genuinely panic inducing, it's possibly the second most atmospheric game I played on Xbox360, with the original Dead Space taking the number one spot in the atmosphere stakes...

if i didnt mistake so Remedy was said Quantum Break will for PC ... i think Remedy want Quantum Break for PC but Microsoft also want it or not ?